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Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring Without Sanding

Is it possible and is there an alternative?

Hardwood Floor RefinishingOver time, the lustre and natural beauty of your hardwood floors dulls and diminishes. This is when it becomes necessary to refinish and restore the look of your floors. The question is, how many times can hardwood flooring be sanded before it needs to be replaced, and is there a way to refinish without sanding? The answers to these questions depend on the type of flooring you have, the condition it is in, and a few other factors.

Robar Flooring offers hardwood flooring refinishing and new installations. We will assess your home’s current floors to determine whether sanding or replacement is the best option for you.

The Type Of Hardwood Flooring You Have Matters

The thickness of hardwood floors can vary. These floors need an adequate wear-layer in order to be sanded. A wear layer is usually 5/16-inch thick on hardwood, while engineered floors may have anywhere between 1/32 to 5/16-inch thick layers. If the thickness of your floors is too thin, you will need to replace your floors rather than refinish them. This is because sanding will remove some of that necessary wear layer, leaving your floor boards too thin and prone to damage, cracks, etc.

What About Sandless Refinishing?

Sandless refinishing appeals to some homeowners because it gives them the idea that their floors can be refinished and cleaned without the dust and time involved with sanding. Sandless refinishing uses a chemical-bonding process to create a new finished layer. A tinted coat is applied to help cover up scratches  since they are not being sanded out. The problem with this process is that any uneven areas in your floors will remain and still be visible.

Some companies offer sandless refinishing that uses a buffer. This buffing process still sands the floors, but very lightly. Some scratches can be removed using this process, but dents and dings will still remain present.

Unfortunately, the only way to fully refinish your floors is to sand them.

Hire A Professional To Sand Your Hardwood Flooring

A professional can assess your home’s floors and see if they are a candidate for sanding. If so, a delicate procedure will be used to sand your floors without harming the necessary wear layer.

While you could sand your floors and refinish them yourself, sanding requires precision work to ensure a smooth, even finish. Robar Flooring will ensure your floors are always looking great and adding value to the overall appeal of your home.

Are you looking for professional hardwood flooring services? Robar Flooring provides exceptional hardwood flooring installation, sanding and recoating services. Call us today!

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Samples of hardwood floor installation

There are many options and possibilities when it comes to hardwood flooring and its installation. Few of the most common types include:

All of the above are either nailed or glued down on top of existing sub-floor. In condominiums or commercial properties where sub-floor consists of concrete, plywood is applied on top of the slab in order to allow for nailing of the floor. All glued down floors can be directly applied on top of the concrete. See diagrams below outlining different floor types, installation techniques as well as examples of transition and finishing trims commonly used.