DIY Tips For Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor RefinishingHardwood floors add elegance and warmth to your home. Whether you have oak, birch, maple or cherry floors, hardwood floor refinishing is required to keep your floors looking as great as on the day they were first installed. Excess scratches and dents are common over time, especially in high-traffic rooms, but these can be reversed with refinishing.

Robar Flooring offers professional hardwood floor refinishing services that help you restore your floors to their original beauty. Instead of ripping out worn out floors and covering them with expensive floor coverings, restore them using these DIY refinishing tips. For a longer lasting finish and years of great looking floors, hire a professional to take care of your hardwood floor refinishing.

Tips For Hardwood Floor Refinishing:

  • Remove everything from the room and vacuum thoroughly, concentrating on crevices and cracks. Remove any nails that are sticking out of the wood and replace them.
  • Rent a floor sander. Hardwood floor sanding is key to removing the varnish and scratches on the surface of your floors. Use extreme caution while sanding your floors. Because these machines are industrial-grade, they are very heavy and work fast. It is easy to over-sand and ruin your hardwood floor if you are not careful.
  • Sand with a heavy-grit sandpaper. Vacuum up the entire floor after sanding the surface and then sand again using a lighter-grit sandpaper.
  • Stain the surface of the wood in your desired shade. It is critical you remove all dust from sanding before staining the wood.
  • Apply two to three even coats of polyurethane after your stain has dried. Wait three hours in between each coat before applying the next.

Robar Flooring Offers Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors by yourself is a not an easy task. It requires you to work with precision and care. Not taking the proper precautions can leave your floors with indentations, uneven stains or a flawed finish. Hiring a professional can save you the hassle of refinishing your own floors. A professional is able to extend the life of your hardwood floors and can do the job right the first time — which means you will have gorgeous looking hardwood floors for years.

Robar Flooring offers professional refinishing services to keep your home or office’s hardwood floor looking as good as new. Our projects are completed on time, within budget and with minimum disruption to your life. By hiring us you can save yourself the hassles and the cleanup associated with a DIY job.

If you are in need of hardwood flooring services in the GTA, call us today! Request a free quote with our team and we will be happy to give you more information regarding our services.