Professional Hardwood Floor Repair To Fix The Squeaks

Professional Hardwood Floor RepairSqueaky floors are handy for detecting when the kids have snuck out of bed, but other than that, they are a big annoyance for homeowners. A squeaking hardwood floor typically occurs after the home has settled and the lumber used to create the floor has dried and shrunk. When you walk across your floors, the pieces of wood rub together, creating that squeaking noise you hear throughout the house. To fix those squeaks on your own, you will need a few tricks up your sleeve. If the squeaks are stubborn, you may need to call in a professional.

Robar Flooring is experienced in hardwood floor repair. From fixing squeaks to repairing creaks, we can help you get a quiet hardwood floor again.

How To Fix A Squeaking Floor

Hardwood floors may squeak more in the winter as the moisture levels change in the air. Regardless of the season, there are ways you can make those creaks and squeaks cease:

  • Use Shims – Shims are pieces of thin wood that you push between the subfloor and nearest joist to your squeaking floor. You will cover the shim in carpenter’s glue before pushing it into the space; that way it seals.
  • Screw Loose Boards Into Place – Use sheet metal or drywall screws through the joist, shim and subfloor. The screws must be long enough to grab onto the hardwood floor, but without going through it.
  • Try A Squeak-Ender – Squeak-ender is a small piece of hardware that pulls your subfloor together with the joist to make it tight – preventing loose boards from rubbing against one another.
  • Use Glazier Points To Fix From Above – If you do not have access to the area below your floor, you will have to fix from above. An easy way to stop floor boards from rubbing together is by wedging glazier points (metal pieces used for window installation) six inches apart between the rubbing boards. Push them down into place with a putty knife so that they are not seen on the surface.
  • Talcum Powder – A heavy sprinkle of talcum powder (not imitation kind) in between the cracks of your floorboards may lubricate the wood and keep it from rubbing. You will want to use a paintbrush to help push the talcum into the cracks.
  • Add Humidity – In the winter, the air becomes dry. This causes your floor boards to dry and shrink, leading to rubbing. Consider installing a humidifier on your furnace or placing one in a room to see if the humidity helps fix squeaks.

Know When To Call For Hardwood Floor Repair

Sometimes it takes a professional to fix squeaky floors. A professional uses a variety of techniques and a floor may require more than one solution to stop the squeaking. Robar Flooring offers professional hardwood flooring services, including hardwood floor repair for squeaking floors. We use multiple techniques to stop any creaking, help prevent rubbing boards and secure your hardwood back to the subfloor and joists.

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